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Car Hire Iceland

This European island is situated on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Volcanic and geothermal activities are frequently taking place on this island. Hence, the country has been blessed with ample of natural hot water supply.

Given a very long historical background the country has been keen to preserve its history and educate its people and all around the world about Iceland’s history and culture through its museums. The crafts and art can be seen in various galleries in Iceland which is both classical as well as modern in nature. A country as beautiful as Iceland has lots of colors to shower on its visitors no matter what season it is. Spring makes green the most prominent color. Sun goes even higher making a perfect sunny and warm day. Spring marks the best time for watching over 200 species of birds living in Iceland. When sky begins to change its tone from blue to grey or azure, it marks the arrival of summer. You can do a variety of outdoor activities in summer such as glacier-skiing, diving, mountain biking or boat safari looking for big whales out there in gigantic oceans surrounding Iceland. Autumn turns green to red, brown or yellow. It is a perfect time to capture beautiful shade on your camera of fallen leaves. During winter pure white snow contrasts with menacing black lava fields making the landscapes in Iceland look even more beautiful.

The capital city, Reykjavik produces pure thermal energy which visitors can enjoy in thermal swimming pools, sauna bath or thermal spas. This is an excellent way to relax and feel great. Activities like salmon fishing, sailing, golfing, horse riding, glacier trekking and whale watching can be done in Reykjavik. The city offers delicious food, luxurious hotels, lots of shopping and an incredibly amazing nightlife. The country is heavenly beautiful and vows not to disappoint any of its visitors.

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