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Point Salines Int. Airport, St. George, ., Grenada
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Car Hire Maurice Bishop Airport

Maurice Bishop Airport is located 8 km in the north of St. George. It is an international airport and a renowned entryway for the international tourist visiting Grenada to spend their vacations in this beautiful heaven. The location of the airport is in the extreme of the Southwest of the islands.

Other than this airport, you can also enter this capital city via boats and ferries. Many cruise ships are also stopping by this city and unloading thousands of visitors annually.

There are several ways to get around the city. The most fun way is to get a water taxi. However, to see the land beauty and travel from one destination to another, renting a car is the best choice to have. Mini buses are the standard public transport available in the city.

Things to Do and See

Once you enter this Grenada, you are open to enjoy every minute of your time in the precious beauty of the nature.

  • Qua Qua Mountain - It is a natural reserve and beautiful mountain to visit.
  • St. Catherine Mountain - It is the highest mountain in Grenada and has beautiful view around the base.
  • George’s Fort - It is one of the landmarks of the St. George city and by visiting here, you will have a spectacular view of the city from here.
  • Frederic Fort - It is another fort with an outstanding view of the different sites, including Grand Etang, Grand Anse, St. George, and most of the southern island.
  • Bay Garden - This garden is designed as the style of rain forest. Many people visit here to enjoy the beautiful scenery and atmosphere of this place, which perfect to plan a picnic and hang around.
  • Beaches - It is the most striking feature of visiting Grenada. It is some of the world’s most beautiful and fun beaches. Grand Answe beaches are famous for water sports. Scuba diving is the most famous out of all water sports. Other than sports, you can go to vendors market, restaurants, and many bars located nearby. Levera beach, Black Bay Beach, magazine Beach, La Sagesse beach, Bathway Beach, and Morne Rouge are few other places that are worth paying a visit.

All in all, a visit to Grenada would be one of the most amazing tours of your life. The excitement starts right after you land at Maurice Bishop Airport and will remain for long, even after you leave this heavenly place.

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