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Airport Road, Accra (Ghana)
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Dede Plaza, East Airport, Spintex Road
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199 Soula Loop
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Car Hire Accra Airport

If you want to go to the continent of Africa, then you should not miss one city in Ghana and this is Accra. You will surely land on Accra Airport once you have decided to visit this country in Africa. It is important to make up your mind early on, so you can prepare for your trip. This is the country’s capital and known as the most populated city in the country. Flights going from North America as well as Europe are the common tour package that you will find going to this part of the world. You will be surprised to know that this place has stunning beaches and awesome sights that will complete your vacation. Ghana can offer a beautiful escape for many vacationers.

The most important thing that you need to look for a tour package is the sightseeing tour. The easiest way to accomplish this task is to rent a car or an SUV depending on your personal requirements. There are lots of large hotels in Accra that can offer this kind of service or you can also get the service of an independent company. If you want to hire a car with a driver, then you should expect to pay at least $9.00 per hour. There is a package that can offer $75 for ten hours excluding the fuel charges. The best thing about getting a car is that the driver can be your dependable tour guide and they can give you insights as well as information about diverse attractions in the country.

Another great way to travel in this place is through a taxi service, but you must become aware that there are types of services offered. Most of the taxis that you will find on the streets or outside the airport are not metered. You need to negotiate with the driver regarding the fee right before you decide to get their service. You will also find metered taxis and these options are not expensive compared to car rental service. A car service of your own is the best way to hit all popular tourist spots not only in Accra but in whole Ghana.

There is also what they called “tro tro” and this is known as the public transit system in the country. The only drawback is that this mode of transportation is unreliable and not considered as safe way to roam around Accra. Once you have decided for the mode of transportation that you like, then you can list down all possible destinations that you can visit while in Accra. One of the best places that you should not miss is The National Museum. Within this museum, you will find wide range of fine arts, pottery and textiles that you can enjoy.

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