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Batumi Airport Car Hire Quote

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Airport Highway 01, Airport Highway 01, Batumi, 0167 (Georgia)
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Downtown (2.7 km)
Georgia, Georgia, Georgia

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Car Hire Batumi Airport

Batumi Airport will take you to the South of Batumi, a city on the Black West Cost of Georgia. Known for its rich climate and amazing attractions, this is a tourist hotspot frequented each year. And it can become your own private getaway whenever the season is right to enjoy more and more attractions it has to offer.

As you land at the airport, there are plenty of car rentals available for both the budget tourist and the traveler who isn’t afraid to spend more. Within the town, you will also find many accommodation options ranging from lavish hotels to cheaper and still comfy inns.

What to Do

When the jet lag from Batumi Airport wears off and you have unpacked your suitcase, it’s the perfect time to start your tourist spot hunting. This Georgian town is large enough to offer different kinds of thrills from historical buildings to colorful and lively nightclubs.

  • Balmy Beaches - having the Black Sea is a great advantage because without it the Balmy Beaches wouldn’t be there. After a long, tiresome day, you can drive over to these sandy shores and take a stroll while enjoying the sunset over the shimmery waters. Life at the shore is a busy one as well with multiple snack shops and coffee restaurants where you can stop and have a hot meal and drink.
  • Kids Amusement Park - the perfect place to take your kids for a fun filled afternoon. The Aquapark is just 3km away from the main town which is a small distance in your Batumi Airport car rental. There is so much your kids can do in the park like playing in the Towers, Gliding the Skies in the Ferris wheel, Kamikadzes and American design slides.
  • Visit the Old Town - the ambience is subtle with a cluster of buildings as old as 100years. The streets are lined with colorful houses, a tiny backyard church, basement cafés and even Turkish eating joints where you can sample some amazing cuisine like Khachapuri.
  • The Town Art Museum - the museum houses a number of colorful art pieces, some of them famously known like the Pirosmani impression of a woman milking a cow.
  • The City Mosque - you will discover this mosque when scavenging through the Turkish restaurants for something to calm your sweet tooth. The mosque was built in late 18century and has managed to remain standing in architecture and also relevant to the local Muslim community.

This is not all you can see in Georgia, with your Batumi Airport car rental you can scale for other hotspots within the country to find out something new about Batumi town.

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