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Car Hire Port Gentil Airport

Port Gentil Airport is an international, but not a very large scale airport serving Port-Gentil in Gabon. It is not uncommon for a tour planner advising their customers to visit this beautiful small country in central Africa. Although, it is a mainly seaport, the importance of Port Gentil Airport is in its own place. Many airlines are providing their services to the airport and bringing thousands of tourists every year.

History of Gabon

This city is historically enriched. Pygmy peoples are the earliest inhabitants of this city. However, later they get absorbed and replaced by the Bantu Tribes. Europeans arrived to this city in the 15th century. In 1875, French also came to this place and founded Franceville town, and occupied this country fully in 1885. Finally, in 1960, it became independent.

Regions of Gabon

  • Coastal Plain - It is the most famous among the visitors visiting this place. It consists of lagoons, and flat river plains. Dense rainforest located in the Atlantic coastal region is another feature of this place. Loango National Park, Kango, Tchibanga, Maymba, Gamba, and Liberville are great tourist attractions around here.
  • Central Highlands - This region consists of Chaillow Massif and Cristal Mountains along with the huge highland rainforest. It is a good place for hiking.
  • Interior Jungle - It has more rainforest, and consisted on the borders of Congo. Franceville is a historic place to visit in this region.

Parks in Gabon

  • Akanda National Park - This national park is a home for turtles and many migratory birds.
  • Lope Park - It is another national park mixed with dense forest and savanna along the side of Ogooue River. It is the perfect place to see mandrill monkeys, track gorillas, and ancient engravings. It would be the best, if you visit accompanied by the Pygmy guide.
  • Loango Park - This national park of Gabon is famous for its virgin beaches and splendid rainforest. You will have the chance to see gorillas, monkeys, elephants, and leopards.
  • Ivindo Park - In this national park, the most beautiful waterfalls are present. Forest elephants, chimpanzees, and gorillas are wandering around the waterholes and rivers.

Other than above mentioned parks, you may find several other national parks with their unique features. To explore all of them in the minimum possible time, rent a car while exiting the Port Gentil Airport for the city. This way will be the best suited for travelers, especially when visiting a larger scale area.

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