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Most people hire a car when they go abroad on holiday. However, very few take the time to find ways of reducing their car rental expenses. One way that a lot of overspending is done is by not paying attention to the rules. These things are always clearly set out in the contract and just by reading the fine print a lot of money can be wasted.

One part of the contract that is often breached is where renters are expected to return the car by the contracted time. Reputable car hire services will definitely fine you based on how late you are. It doesn’t matter if you are late by a few hours; you will end up being charged a whole days rate extra based on the 24 hour policy rate.

Another way that people lose money is because they did not take time to understand the car rental agency charges before signing the contract. Some rent – a – car agencies require you to return their vehicle with a full tank. Others expect you to give it back with the same level of fuel that you collected it with. Whatever the rule follow it to avoid unnecessary charges.

That having been said, there are other things you should clarify when it comes to hiring cars from car rental agencies. The first thing is insurance, a comprehensive cover is preferred but check the nature of the cover as different countries have different definitions for this. When hiring a car from rent- a- car agencies you may be given the chance to hire extras from the company. This may include child car seats and roof racks, ensure that you know the exact charge otherwise you may end up paying an arm and a leg.

The other wise thing you can do with car hire companies is top check any car you hire for dents and damages. Don’t just sign the contract, grab the car and leave. If you do that, you will find that when you return the car, any dents and damages can be attributed to you. If you do not have evidence that the dents had been on the car before you took it, you will end up paying for something that you are not responsible for. Then there is the often ignored but highly useful –excess waiver fee. Any car hire company can accept comprehensive insurance as enough cover in case of any accident. However you may end up losing because you may end up paying a lot for excess that you would avoid if you took the time to get an excess waiver fee in the first place.

All in all, the devil is in the detail. Some in depth research will help you find ways that you can save on your car rental charges, but still enjoy your vacation.

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