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Car Hire Djibouti International Airport

Djibouti International Airport facilitates direct connection with several international flights originating from countries like UAE, Dubai, Somalia, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya, Paris, Madagascar, Yemen, Oman among many others. Djibouti is a very small country located in East Africa. The country is bordered by Eritrea towards its north, Somalia in the southeast and Ethiopia in the west and south.

There is a direct road network to connect Djibouti with these bordering countries, which makes the International Airport a popular destination among passengers intending to round up their journeys with visits to any of the bordering countries.

Ground Transportation

Much of Djibouti is covered in arid rocky expanses of land. Yet a nature lover would thoroughly enjoy a leisurely journey through the salt lakes, beautiful ravines and sunken plains. Suez Canal and Red Sea attractions also lure many visitors to the country. Coastal areas of Djibouti beckon tourists who enjoy nature in a serene, quiet and peaceful setting. Despite being a popular tourist destination in Africa the country’s roads are not in good conditions. Those planning to transfer to a border country via land after arriving at Djibouti International are advised to take poor road conditions and personal safety into consideration if they are planning to tackle the drive on their own in a rental car.

Public buses operate connecting all major towns in the country. There is no strict time schedule for buses as they leave only when the bus is full. The rail connectivity is from Djibouti to Ethiopia while a ferry service is operated from l’Escale connecting passengers to various destinations including Obock, Tadjoura and Yemen. The more adventurous visitors hire cycles from their hotels to travel around the small capital area. It is not only cheap but fun and convenient than steering a vehicle in an unknown terrain.

Things to Know Before you Hire a Car

Getting around Djibouti is ideally conducted through hire car arrangements. Even then passengers are advised to take adequate water and petrol with them, especially if they are going off the beaten track and heading towards the arid mountain areas.

Insurance is not a mandatory requirement for hire cars in the country. However, for a self drive car you should produce an international driving permit or a valid driving license from your home country. The most suitable vehicle for travelling in Djibouti is a four wheel drive as they are more competent in handling the bumpy roads. The main languages used are French, Arabic, Afar and Somali with very little English spoken by the locals including taxi drivers.

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