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Arrival Hall, Brunei Darussalam
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Downtown (4.2 km)
Complex Sempurna B4 Unit 4 Gf, Darussalam
Jalan Tasek 2203, Darussalam

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Car Hire Brunei Airport

Brunei Airport is the major airport serving the country of Brunei. It is the home for the Royal Brunei airlines; also it is the home for the air force airlines. This is an airport, which can handle up to 2 million passengers annually. Brunei Airport was founded in the 1950’s, and its cargo terminal can hold up to 50,000 million tons of cargo per annum. It is an international airport serving the whole of the country, and making flights to most parts of the world.

Getting into town, from Brunei Airport has never been any easier, with the option of public means, taxis and car hire services. It becomes very comfortable, and easy for the visitor to make an informed decision on what of the means to use. All of the means, are equally good, based on the interest, taste and preference of the customers, even though, there are other factors which would influence the choice of the means in this particular place.

Most visitors to this place will always prefer the car hire service over the taxis because, the taxis are more expensive, they are not flexible, and they lack privacy. Others chose the service over the public means because of comfort, and convenience. The public means will only drop you and the entrance of the place where you will be staying. This will necessitate you to walk all the way to the place on foot.

The public means is not the best when exploring the nature in Brunei Airport, because it will not see you on Muara beach, one of the best tourist attraction sites in the country. It is filled with white sand beaches. The beach will bring the joy of your life and that of your partner in your faces. It will make your faces to glitter.


When in this town, dress decently, even when in a rental car. Dressing contrary to the culture of the town is taboo, more so when in the place of worship.


Make sure that, you exit the airport without having shaken the hand of any of the residents hard, or without shaking the hand of the opposite gender. Be cautious not to use another figure when pointing at anything or anyone, other than the right thumb figure folded inwards. The perfect place to spend a holiday, with the right person in a car hire of choice. Never has there been any other like it.

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