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Curitiba Airport Car Hire Quote

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Av Rocha Pombo S/n, R. Rocha Pombo S/n, Sao Jose Dos Pinhais, 83010-900 (Brazil)
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Rod Joao Leopoldo Jacomel 12610, Centro, Pinhais, 83323 410, Pr
Floriano (11.3 km)
Av M. Floriano Peixoto 3031, 80220 000
Downtown (14.5 km)
R. Bispo Dom Jose, 2435, Batel, 80530 000, Pr
R João Bettega 6450, Cid Industrial, 81350 970, Pr
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Car Hire Curitiba Airport

Do you plan on visiting Brazil? If you want to see the best parts of this country, have you considered booking a flight to Curitiba? You`ll most definitely arrive at Curitiba Airport and if you buy your ticket in advance, you can visit Brazil and save loads of money that you can spend on gifts and souvenirs. Curitiba Airport is also known as Afonso Pena International Airport and it is the main airport of the region. It is situate next to São José dos Pinhais and it received its name after the 6th president that rules Brazil.

The airport was on the 10th position when it came to passenger number, this making it be one of the busiest airports in Brazil. Infraero operates the airport and both international as well as domestic flights are handled.

Curitiba Airport offers its passengers everything they can possibly want. If you need medical care, there is a medical unit at the airport; if you need to rest for a while you can do so at one of the bars or at a restaurant. You can try out some typical Brazilian food or if you don`t have the time for it you can always grab a quick bite to eat at the snack bar. If you want to drink a cup of coffee, you can check out the café.

If you do have some time to spare and you don`t know what to do, go ahead and check out the fashion stores and the duty free shops. You can shop for clothes in case you didn`t dress appropriately weather wise and you can also buy something from a duty free shop for yourself or for your loved ones. You can also use the ATM in case you need any money.

If you`re not on holiday and you are on a business trip, you need a means of transportation that is fast and reliable. You don`t have time to waste because time is money and it is essential for you to arrive on time. That is why you should call a car rental company that can help you solve your problems. If you rent a car you get rid of all the unnecessary rigmarole. If you don`t know the region too well, hire a local driver. He is acquainted with all the shortcuts, he knows which road to take and he can drive while you`re relaxing in the backseat after a long flight or a tough business meeting. You can also clear your thoughts and think of different strategies or just look through the window and admire the view. Take advantage of the fact that the driver is a local and ask him for a piece of advice. He can tell you which places are worth visiting and which bars and restaurants are awesome.

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