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Bariloche Airport Car Hire Quote

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International Airport, San Carlos De Bariloche, 8400 (Argentina)
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Bariloche (11.6 km)
Beschedt 230, 8400 San Carlos De, R8400hkc, Rio Negro
San Carlos De (12.6 km)
Elflein 190, San Carlos De, 1057
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Car Hire Bariloche Airport

Bariloche Airport is known to be one of the most famous airports in Argentina. This is an international airport that is at a distance of 13 kilometers from the city. It is one of the largest airports in Argentina and handles thousands of passengers daily. The name of the airport is based on a man named Teniente Luis Candelaria, who was the first person to fly over the Andes. This is a marvelous airport that that has many facilities for the public such as shops and restaurants. All year long many visitors come to Bariloche for one of its most popular activities such as skiing and have a great time in Argentina.

The Bariloche Airport is known to be quite crowded during the winter because many travelers come to Argentina for vacationing, skiing, and mountain trekking. Bariloche is also a great place to travel for those that want to get a gist of Argentinean culture and have a fantastic time at this location. The services provided are quite marvelous and you will not have any problems whether you are looking for a hotel or a fast food restaurant to eat. Bariloche is known as Argentina’s chocolate capital and wherever you go you will have access to the best chocolate, even at the airport.

When you arrive at Bariloche Airport there is transportation that is available for the passengers, such as taxis and rental cars. The individuals can hire cars and travel to their desired destinations. If the tourists have a problem they can get advice from the tourist information center and find which car hire services which are available for them. While you are at the Bariloche Airport you are bound to enjoy your stay and have a memorable time. So if you have not travelled to Bariloche then it is time that you book your plane ticket today.

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