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Ukraine is located in Central and Eastern Europe. It shares borders with the Black Sea, Belarus, Poland, Russia, Hungary, Moldova, Romania and Slovakia. The country serves as a bridge between east and west. Hence its culture is rich and has its roots from both east and west. Ukraine has many beautiful parks and reserves, castles and cathedrals and other forms of attractions for its visitors.

The capital city, Kiev is one modern city that has treasures of historical buildings, architecture and art. The numerous gardens and parks have earned the city the name of “Green City”. River located nearby provides great opportunities of family picnic, swimming, fishing and a lot of other activites. Livadia Palace, Lviv High Castle and many more castles of Ukraine are all worth watching. Mariyinsky Palace, Aquarel Gallery, Kiev Fortress Museum are some of the places visited by tourists in Kiev.

Having a rich history, Ukraine has many castles and fortresses that are magnificent. Bakhchisaray Palace is one of the most beautiful architectural masterpieces of the world that creatively blends the taste of Europe and the Middle East. The castle has many lush green gardens bearing colorful flowers that make you feel like in heaven. Dubno Castle is another strikingly beautiful construction created in 1492.

Ukraine has protected and preserved its wild life through numerous national parks and reserves. Poliskyi Reserve, Desnyano-Starogutskyi National Park, Ukranian Steppe Reserve are some of them. While mountain reserves are Yalta Mountain Forest Reserve, Karpatskyi National Park and Cape Martyan Reserve. In the forest zone you can enjoy wildlife of Ukraine such as red deer, roe deer, elk, wolves, brown bears and lynx. Trees raning from pine, linden and oak can also be found. Bird species around the coastal areas include sea gulls, wild ducks, martins and many more.

So if you want to see religious buildings, churches, monasteries or beautiful natural landscapes or enjoy modern cities offering great nightlife, shopping and delicious cuisine, then come to Ukraine.

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