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Car Hire Slovakia

This Central European country has a rich cultural heritage as several invaders have had their interest and domination of this territory. The independent state of Slovak Republic came into being on the 1st of January 1993, separating from the Czechs.

Being under different regimes the country boasts on its folklore, music, art and legends. Elizabeth Bathory, and the White Lady of Levoca are remembered as the legends of Slovakia. While no country matches with its open air markets, handicrafts and traditional festivals.the country’s intricate paintings and sculptures cannot be ignored in the museums and art galleries.

The country boasts on its cuisine which is loaded with meat, thich sauces and mouth watering cheesy stuffings. Its desserts and cakes are certainly its specialities such as the Zemlovka and the Babovka. Accommodation is also easily affordable by all when travelling in Slovakia, ranging from apartments, motels and 2 to 5 star hotels.

The country’s capital city, Bratislava is one of the most admired cities of the world where clean fresh air of a centuries old city takes you back in old times away from the hustle and bustle of a fast moving world. Vysoke Tatry is ideal place for hiking and skiing in the high Tatras. Piestany situated in the green valley of Vah River is the place where you can soothe your senses and papmper yourself by spa treatments. Piestany is plentiful in splendid parks and other recreational places. The metropolitan city and commercial center of Slovakia, Kosice is the country’s second largest city of the country. The breath taking architecture of Banska Bystrica is certainly not to be missed when travelling through Slovakia. Country has numerous numbers of castles such as the Bojnice Castle, the Bratislava Castle and remains of the glorious past such as the Cerveny Kamen that are interesting to explore.

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