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Car Hire Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is blessed with few of the most magical and monumental sites in the world. The largest sea of sand on the planet known as the Empty Quarter is a major attraction. It has huge sand dunes. If you are an animal lover and want to see one of the most beautiful animals on earth you should see Arabian Oryx. The Empty Quarter has many palm plantations and attractive oasis.

Mecca and Medina are the two cities of Saudi Arabia that are of prime importance for any Muslim living in any part of the world. Mecca is the holiest Muslim city having Kabba (House of Allah). After Mecca, Medina is the most valued city in this country which has significant importance in Muslim literature, religious scriptures etc.

Climate and Suitable Weather for Traveling: The time between November and February is said to be the most suitable time for visiting Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia experiences hot and highly humid weather from mid of April till October.

The region of Asir Mountains and Taif remain pleasantly cool through out the year. The winters are also enjoyable and not unbearable. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia follows Islamic calendar and Islamic holidays are one of the most important factors that should be considered while visiting this country. It is suggested not to visit Saudi Arabia during the Islamic month of Ramadan because every one in the country is fasting and it is really difficult to get daytime meal because the shops are usually closed or if they open they open for limited time.

Accommodation: Many of the 5-star and international hotel chains are a part of Saudi Arabia. All these hotels are very luxurious and provide you with the best quality services. It is recommended to reserve the hotel rooms in advance prior to the visit especially during the summer season and Hajj period.

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