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Car Hire Namibia

The young African country is situated between the Kalahari and South Atlantic. This culturally diversified country is the home to about 11 main cultural groups who all unify and blend into the colorful world of Namibia.

Namibia has four different landscapes ranging from the coastal desert covering the whole country, the central plateau which is separated by mountains and sand-filled valleys to the huge Kalahari. Kavango and Caprivi feature tropical forests and have plentiful rain. Given its geography Namibia has fairly even climate and can be visited at any time of the year. Covered by one of the world’s driest deserts, Namib, Namibia’s weather is usually dry and enjoyable while the coastal area is cool, humid and free of rain for most of the time. As for any desert country, days in Namibia are warm while nights are cool.

One of the main attractions of Namibia is its wild life. You can get to see wild life ranging from all sorts of sizes, shapes and kinds here. Huge fellows like lion, giraffe, cheetah, and rhino can be captured on your camera. While small species like black faced impala can also make handy contribution. Namibia is keen on preserving its wild life which can be judged by the number of national parks it has created. One of the places not to miss is the Etosha National Park where animals like springbok, gemsbok, blue wildebeest, leopard and zebra can be seen. In the salt plains of Etosha National Park, flamingos and 35 various species of raptors including the lappet face and hooded vultures inhabit. On the other hand, plant species found in Namibia range from those particular to desert vegetation such as welwitschia, semi-arid vegetation like scrub savannah vegetation to subtropical plants such as acacia woodland and mopane woodland. A perfect destination for nature admirers, Namibia has lots in store to offer to its visitors.

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