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Car Hire Lithuania

This small wonder on the European side of the world map is the single Baltic country with approximately eight hundred years of statehood institution. It has a rich historical background of different civilizations that date back centuries.

With around 30 cities and settlements that are over 750 years old and old towns of various sizes which have survived, Lithuania has been keen to preserve its history in the form of restoration of these settlements. Hence beautiful ancient churches of various faiths including the Protestant churches, Jewish synagogues, Karaite and Tartar temples and many Orthodox churches have been preserved which are a source of attraction for tourists. There are about 10 castles, several inimitable fortifications and around 1000 hill-forts in Lithuania dating to different time periods, styles and orientations.

Lithuania boasts on its extraordinary heritage of gothic, classicism, in particular the baroque brick architecture. Meticulously depicted in the churches, monasteries, noblemen’s castles and beautiful mansions are these crafts of Lithuania. The architecture is a creative blend of the southern and western styles learnt at the well-reputed schools of Lithuanian baroque and classicism. Traditional Lithuanian cuisine including the rye bread, cepelinas or the potato dumplings and other dishes made from potatoes, mushrooms, various grains and milk will make your appetite grow and crave for more of Lithuanian food.

Travelling through Lithuania you can go to the capital city of Vilnius which is one of the oldest cities in the world and proves to be a beautiful town listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Klaipeda, the administrative center of the country, is the sea port which is open all year round and is keen to preserve marine life. You can enjoy luxurious, exotic clean beaches in this part of the world and visit the two yachting clubs at the port. Popular activities in this part of the world include diving, hiking, cycling, skiing, camping, fishing and motor gliding.

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