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The world’s biggest archipelago consisting 17504 large and small islands, Indonesia is also the world’s fourth most populous country. It is located between Asia and Australia and between Pacific and Indian Ocean. Rich in culture and heritage, Indonesia has fascinating ancient temples. Given its diversity, life style, music, customs and way of life change from island to island in this part of the world.

Given its unique location on both sides of the Equator Indonesia has a fairly even climate throughout the year. The varied landscape allows Indonesia to have rich productive rice lands on Java and Bali, captivating rainforests in Sumatra, Kalimantan and Sulawesi, lush grasslands in the Nusatenggara islands and snow-capped peaks in West Papua.

You can expect great wildlife wonders to be seen in Indonesia, mainly the big Komodo lizard, the orangutan or the Java rhino. While under the sea there are countless species of vibrant and bright coral and tropical fish. Accommodation is not an issue in Indonesia given the huge amount of quality hotels and resorts it features. Be it the middle of a cosmopolitan city, a sandy beach or a beautiful lush green valley, Indonesia is willing to accommodate its most welcomed visitors. Cities like Jakarta or Bandung are commercial hubs, shopping destinations as well as a food lover’s place to be.

Travelling on Indonesia, Ubud is a not to miss destination. This culturally rich city that lies on the mild slant leading towards the central mountains draws people from all over the world. The famous music and dance functions, delicious food, luxurious resorts featuring pampering spas along with the beautiful ancient sites and simple villages all add to the attractiveness of Ubud.

Indonesia’s numerous unexplored islands with clear blue seas and impressive mountain views are waiting for you to come and explore heaven on earth.