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Car Hire Belarus

Belarus is rather an unpopular destination for travelers but it has a lot to offer and to be explored. This historically rich place is the best place to recall about all things Soviet.

Must See Places: Minsk’s Renowned Art Gallery: One of the most visits worthy place for art lovers is ‘The National Art Gallery’, Minsk. The gallery conserves the local and Russian art masterpieces.

The Woods of Belavezha: A variety of uncommon breed of animals such as bison, bears and wolves are present there and can be spotted easily in this region. This god gifted expanse is governed by primeval forests, marshland, deep rivers and a rich fauna and flora.

The Complex for Skiing: Raubichy Olympic Sports Complex offers exceptional skiing experience for sports fanatics. The Complex is approximately 22km away from Minsk.

The Chronological Brest’s Fortress: The fortress has chronicled the history of The World War II. The museum inside the fortress is worth watching.

The Dead Village of Khatyn: Khatyn is a village which was burned by Nazi without evacuating the area resulting in deaths of the inhabitants. Khatyn also have a memorial graveyard where each grave represents one of many ill fated villages destroyed during the World War II.

Healthcare Related Tourism: You can also come here to reap health benefits. There are many places in Belarus which provide cure to different diseases. For Example: There is a place in Salihorsk which has man-made caverns which were previously the salt mines; here respiratory diseases are treated by using explicit inhalation methods.

Places to Stay: There are many hotels ranging from 2 to 5 stars located at various places in the country. If you have a higher budget then you should go for boutique hotels else reasonably priced hostels as well are available for the accommodation of travelers.