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Car Hire Armenia

Officially the Republic of Armenia is located in the eastern region of Armenian Plateau, sharing borders with Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran and Turkey. The country has a varied geography and climate. Armenian summers are hot and dry because of the Ararat Valley and the lowlands while in the highlands, summers are pleasant. Rain also occurs mostly in the highlands during the period between April-May and October-November. Winters are long and moderate in Armenia. Overall the climate of Armenia can be described as continental.

Armenia has a rich history and culture that draws people from world over. Archaeological sites that are great to witness include Karmir Blur, Karahunj, caravan inns, historic chritian churches and monument and the 6000 years old wine press found in Armenian cave. You can take the great journey through the world’s longest cable car line in Armenia that travels along the magnificent Vorotan Gorge to the ancient Tatev Monastry.

Armenia is abound in natural beauties. Its rich fertile soil exudes refreshing energy. The alpine spring water serves as a great sight and splendor. Lake Seven is one of the world’s biggest freshwater mountain lakes. The great Mount Ararat is a hiker’s paradise. Armenia has 5 canyons and more than 200 therapeutic mineral springs. Fertile valleys, green woodlands, wonderful land formations and great waterfalls among many other natural attractions characterize Armenia’s landscapes.

Armenian food is certainly as unique as the country itself. The rich aroma shall tantalize you and make you devour the great tasting local variety such as the famous shish kebab. The use of unique herbs and spices make the food taste heavenly. For those who are wine connoisseurs Armenia is full of wineries that are open to visitors. Apart from the local delicacies Armenia has fine dining restaurants that have all sorts of international cuisines. So if you want a vacation that is gentle on your pocket and fulfills all your family’s requirements then come and visit Armenia.