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Car Hire Angola

Angola is located on the western coast of Southern Africa. The country came into being on the 11th November 1975. Contrary to the history of slavery and civil wars, the country today presents itself as a developed and progressive country. Angolan culture is a unique blend of Portuguese and conventional African elements.

Having Atlantic Ocean coastline, the sub tropical country’s climate determined by the cool Benguela Sea current, the rough local mountains and the Namib Desert in the southeast. Hence, the country has a numerous climatic regions, including a wet, tropical northern jungle, a dry and cool central highland and a barren southern belt influenced by its nearness to the Kalahari Desert. While different regions vary considerably, the best time to visit Angola is during the cool dry months from June to September.

Angola has great wonders for its tourists. The Kissama National Park situated in northwestern Angola is an adventurous place to travel around. Animals like zebras, giraffes, elephants and ostriches have their habitat in this park. A train tour taking to the streets of Benguela is also interesting as the place has some great Portuguese archaeological constructions. National Slavery Museum at the south of Luanda tells the tale of Angolan slavery. Cangandala National Park is an excellent place for bird watching hiking and sight seeing. The amazing waterfalls of Calendula located on the province of Malanje are also worth seeing.

Mussulo Peninsula is an amzing place for having a family picnic, going for swimming, strolling along clear blue water or simply relaxing by the sea. Lubango is another good place to visit in Angola. Having beautiful mountains and a moderate climate the place has interested tourists a lot. Benfica Market is the best place to buy Angolan handicrafts that depict rich Angolan culture. This country is unexplored beauty which has a lot in store waiting for you.