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Car Hire Albania

Republic of Albania is situated in Southeast Europe sharing borders with Macedonia, Greece, Montenegro and Kosovo. On the west it has the Adriatic Sea while on the south east it has Ionian Sea. The country is rich in lush green forests, clear blue lakes, sandy beaches, snowy mountain peaks and warm and hospitable hosts to the tourists. The country’s rich history and culture make it an interesting holiday destination. Being situated on the Mediterranean, Albania has a mild climate with great deal of sunshine, especially in the lowlands. The best time to come to Albania is during spring and autumn season. Places of attraction in central Albania include the ancient town of Bylis which has many beautiful buildings and monuments such as cathedrals, churches, theatre and many more. Mountainous region of Pocem, the great Canyon of Gardec and Osum are some beautiful sights in central Albania.

In eastern Albania you can visit the Museum of Medival Art in Korca, the beautiful village of Voskopoja and the third largest city, Elbasan. Some wonderful pieces of architecture can be witnessed in Elbasan such as the Mosque of Naziresha, the Castle and the Clock Tower. The capital city Tirana is the country’s economic hub. It has the largest beach of Albania, the Durres Beach. Other places to visit in Tirana include the Theatre of Opera, the Palace of Culture and the Palace of Congresses. The city has an amazing nightlife, modern shopping centers and great dining restaurants and coffee shops.

On the inonian coast, the beautiful town of Himara has great features. Potami Beach is lovely place to relax and have great time with family. Mountains of Cika and Veza shall mesmerize you. While on the Southern Adriatic coast, the beautiful Sazan Island, port of Vlora, archaeological site of Apollonia and the Kanina Castle are certainly not to miss.

So some to this beautiful European country and enjoy undiscovered beauty.

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